Why Branding is Important

People around the world identify with different brands whether it’s the brand of workout clothes they buy or the perfumes they wear. Brands are an important part of any successful business. That’s why I put so much thought and care into the Ashley Blank Jewelry brand. It all starts with the subtle neutral colors and brown, tan and white that reflect the core of beauty. With a simple and elegant Paulette all of the natural beauty of women’s jewelry can shine.

The next step of branding is in the name. Ashley Blank Jewelry exudes a feline essence from the creators name, myself, and brings the continuity of my handmade designs right to your home. All of my work is handmade with feline delicate design to suit the inner woman in all of us.

The final element in the Ashley Blank brand is in the packaging. I hand craft all of my gift boxes from cardstock and hand fold all of the boxes to give another personal touch to everything you order.


From the Beginning

     This all started with a routine trip to the grocery store… I was walking towards the groceries at Wal-Mart when I decided to look for some kind of “craft” to do over a weekend. I was feeling creative and wanted to make something. As I fumbled around the craft section I was drawn to the jewelry set. Looking around at all the colorful beads and other supplies, I became dizzy with the amount of choices in front of me.
     Finally, overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of choices, I looked down and saw a beginner’s box that came with an instruction book and all the supplies needed to learn how to make the most basic of projects. I grabbed it immediately and couldn’t wait to get home to try it out.
     It’s really important to note that at this time my husband and I had just welcomed our second child and I was at home in maternity leave from a very busy full-time job. I am also in graduate school; so the idea of taking on another addition to our busy life was a tough decision. But I have always enjoyed crafts and thought this would be a fun thing to do once in a while. I had no idea how much I would come to love making jewelry or that I would end up opening an online store and creating a business. That was almost one year ago and I’ve not yet regretted the day I picked up the jewelry making kit.