Have you ever had a constant cold that you just can’t get rid of and find that you’re always sick and no medicine ever seems to kick it? I’ve found myself in this boat a lot lately, but not to worry! I found something that finally helped me…

My family is incredibly important to me and therefore I’ve always leaned towards holistic medicine as much as possible. However, this past year I found myself sick with generic colds, stomach flus and bacterial infections that I never really suffered from in the past. After lots of doctors visits and the constant consumption of medicine, I finally turned to a friend and asked for some advice. She is an independent consultant for Young Living Essential oils and gave me some suggestions for homemade medicines I could make. I discussed this in a previous post.

After doing that and getting better quicker than any western medicine has been able to offer I continued researching the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils and kept finding so many opportunities of how I could incorporate this into every day life. From aromatherapy to dental hygiene to refreshing laundry – the opportunities and applications seemed endless!

As a Handmade artisan I decided that one way I could contribute to communicating these benefits was to design a line of diffuser necklaces. 

I created a classic diffuser necklace design that has a high quality absorbant pad that can be used multiple times before throwing it out and replacing it. I’ve used mine 3 different times already and it’s held up the fragrances very well! Make sure to always clean out the diffuser locket to avoid rusting and corrosion. This also ensures that your fragrances don’t take away from one another either as you change oils. 

With so many designs to choose from there’s no reason you can’t find one that works for you. If you don’t see one you like I am always happy to make a custom adjustment. Just ask me!

Ashley Blank Jewelry Aromatherapy Necklaces

Just keep in mind that this is a gateway to opening up your senses to a whole new world of experiences. 

Happy diffusing! ❤


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