As any handmade artisan will tell you, the key to a successful product is in having high quality components. This means making it a point to search high and low for dependable supply sources that provide high quality items. If you are in the market to buy something that you want to last for quite some time,there are several key elements to a high-quality jewelry design that you should watch for.

  • Wire Guards – These are simple little metal U-shapes where the wire is threaded through at the ends. This helps to prevent breakage of the wire and protect it from easy wear and tear as it is worn regularly.


  • Crimp Tubes – These are rarely seen on most jewelry pieces but are one of the most important hidden gems of any design. Crimp tubes are used to hold together the strand of wire at the ends (right outside the wire guard) and creates a sturdy connection to hold the entire piece together. Without strong crimp tubes, or another crimping device, the entire piece will fall apart.


  • Crimp Tube Covers – These are small open silver pieces that are slid over the crimp tubes and used to protect the crimps from being exposed and wearing down easily.


I always make sure that each of these elements are used in anything I make where it calls for it. These are almost entirely found on wire-beaded jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and some hoops earrings. Make sure you are getting the quality you deserve!




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