Handmade artisans depend entirely on our creative energy to keep us going – driving inspiration, increasing energy and the will to create. We all run into those times in our life when our creativity is severely cramped. This has happened to me a lot lately. While it sounds terribly dreary, the story does end on  happy note!

For the last several months I have had just about every cold or sickness possible due to the tumultuous weather the entire world has been experiencing. From a basic seasonal cold  in December to the stomach flu at Christmas time. To suffering bronchitis throughout January and then strep throat for the last month. Antibiotics and medications have worn me out and zapped me of all my creativity energy lately.

But then last week a little miracle fell into my hands. I was introduced to Young Living’s products and created my own home remedy of coconut oil, oregano oil and thieves to create a butt-kicking remedy that within 24 hours alleviated my aching sore throat and put me on the road to recovery.

I share all this with you because it made me really appreciate my flow of creativity.

As I’ve been coming out of a cloudy place the last several months, my creative flow has really bloomed with ideas for my next rounds of projects. These lovely colors have been uplifting and inspiring to me this past week. I have already started work on a some pieces in this color theme and will share them once they are completed.



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