Layering necklaces is still a hot trend this year and going into the Fall, you want to make sure you’re coordinated not only with the hottest seasonal colors, but also the trends to support your look.

JCK Magazine, an important industry leader, released the top 10 trends to watch this Fall. While other trends hit the top parts of the list, layered necklaces and jewelry are making a comeback in an important way. Make sure to stay ahead in your fashion sense as the season continues and look your absolute best!

Even more important is the wardrobe these layered necklaces need to be paired with. An article published by Dispatch displays the graceful style of the millennial generation and the fact that many of them are finishing graduate programs and moving on into the working world. Due to this, Fall trends for
many of them are going back a few decades to longer dresses, cleaner necklines and a more professional style. One of my personal favorites is this ensemble that showcases the chic style with modest coverings that lend to the feminine mystique.
Shop the layered necklace collection from Ashley Blank Jewelry here.

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