For the last few weeks I have been busy purchasing all new supplies and getting myself organized for the summer crafting season. It’s a busy time of year of building up inventory for the impending holiday shopping season. Everyone wants to find something new and unique as gifts for those they care about, and it’s important to me to provide my customers with the best possible designs my little mind can create.

One of the new supply assortments I have now is a whole set of products to make antique copper earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The antique look has become popular and the soft subtle colors make it easy to match these pieces with just about anything.


Another new adventure I’ve been on is trying to create different styles using the free bead program (that I mentioned in a previous post) that I am a part of with Jesse James Beads. I showed the beautiful purple bead assortment in my last post and it has taken me some time, and truly challenged me, to come up with a finished project using those beads. I am particularly happy with this necklace. It’s edgy, exciting and all around very beautiful.


Well it’s back to my inventory building, but in the meantime, make sure to check out my Etsy shop and use the Mother’s Day savings available to everyone – 15% off!

Ashley Blank Jewelry on Etsy



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