As all creative-minds know, there are certain things in our lives that inspire us; whether it’s through visual aids, planning, or a brisk walk through the woods. We are all inspired in different ways. Before I even start to design a new piece of jewelry I find myself always looking at what necklaces or earrings people are wearing around me. What are they made with, how do they look, are they heavy or light? When I’m out somewhere picking up dinner to bring home I walk around and look at all of the jewelry for sale and let myself become absorbed in the offering they have and find out what I enjoy most about buying jewelry. Through all of this I bring my own personal tastes and interests into my work.

I have a large collection of random beads in various colors, sizes and shapes, as well as metal beads and all the inner workings of making jewelry. But when I really want to make something I sit down and look through all of my options. Play with different colors and mediums to decide what I want to make. Sometimes I have an idea in my mind of exactly what I am going to make but most of the time it comes to me while I sit there looking through all of my supplies.

H4C Pic (2)

Whenever I come across some beads or charms that draw my attention, I grab them and bring them home. Knowing that one day I will be inspired to use it in one of my works. For now though, I am looking at these lovely free beads I received courtesy of Jesse James Beads (Jesse James Beads) and am trying to determine what inspires me about them. How do I see them playing together; would they look best as a simple beaded bracelet or as some funky & fun earrings; maybe even a long chain necklace with a few beads speckled around.

I was privileged enough to be accepted into this fun free bead program. I receive my free beads, make a lovely project to share with my followers and then, like magic, I receive some more. This will allow me a nice avenue for providing new and fun designs to all of you.

So let’s continue discussing inspiration. What inspires you?


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