People around the world identify with different brands whether it’s the brand of workout clothes they buy or the perfumes they wear. Brands are an important part of any successful business. That’s why I put so much thought and care into the Ashley Blank Jewelry brand. It all starts with the subtle neutral colors and brown, tan and white that reflect the core of beauty. With a simple and elegant Paulette all of the natural beauty of women’s jewelry can shine.

The next step of branding is in the name. Ashley Blank Jewelry exudes a feline essence from the creators name, myself, and brings the continuity of my handmade designs right to your home. All of my work is handmade with feline delicate design to suit the inner woman in all of us.

The final element in the Ashley Blank brand is in the packaging. I hand craft all of my gift boxes from cardstock and hand fold all of the boxes to give another personal touch to everything you order.


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